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Yash Savalia Earns Dual Magento Certification

Headshot of Yash Savalia, Senior Developer at Unleaded Software Solutions Private Ltd.
Yash Savalia - Senior Developer at Unleaded Software Solutions Private Ltd.

In his Quora online bio, Yash Savalia refers to himself as an “Average man and proud of it.” His achievement on Dec. 23, 2016, earning the Dual Magento Certification Status, is anything but average.

The only report available to the public totaling the number of different certificate holders dates back to 2012. As of then, there were only 291 certified Magento developers in the world and only 119 of them were Developer Plus designation.

In March 2016, Aheadworks reported that some 235,000 Magento-based online stores inhabit cyberspace. Late in 2016, reported that while 12-24 million eCommerce stores exist worldwide, only 650,000 of those sites make more than $1,000 per year.

As a Senior Developer for Unleaded Group’s Ahmedabad, India office (Unleaded Software Solutions Private Ltd.), Savalia is the lead programmer with both the Magento Certified and Magento Certified Plus designations. He’s fluent in English, Hini, Gujarati, Magento, MySQL, PHP, jQuery and PhpMyAdmin. That vast knowledge is necessary to build websites for Unleaded Software that are superior benchmarks on the highly functioning shopping cart platform. Magento is the most desired platform among website owners who have it already and website owners who want to have it sooner than later.

“I hope that my achievement will help in the company's growth in future. Please consider this an advance Christmas gift from my side,” said Savalia who added, “Thanks to all the team for its support. Without team support this achievement could have been difficult.”

“With talent like Yash on our international team, Unleaded is able to build exemplary websites for Top Internet Retailers and for the boutique start-up website owner too,” said Jarod Clark, President of Unleaded. “Yash’s proven competence and natural enthusiasm are perfectly aligned to lead Unleaded to new heights in 2017.”

Congratulations to the well-above-average, Yash Savalia.

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