Algolia Instant Search

It’s different from up here…at 30,000 ft. overlooking the entire playing field. That’s why our customers who are serious about web product searchs vouch for Algolia. Built to enable searches that net results for the online customer, Algolia offers voice search, personalization, and enterprise grade search.



Results are filtered and returned instantly as you type or select a facet to narrow your search.


AI Powered

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Why we recommend Algolia

Deliver what your customers want every time, creating a great search experience. Algolia’s benefits are impressive.

Tailored Search

Algolia’s search-as-a-service and full suite of APIs allow teams to easily develop tailored, fast Search & Discovery experiences that delight and, most importantly, convert visitors to customers.


Investing in search should be paired with investment in product capabilities and content that provokes discovery. Companies who report high levels of site search success are 2.7x more likely to experience above-average growth rates.

Fast Matters

As far back as 15 years ago, Google found that a 0.5 second delay caused a 20% drop in traffic. Nothing’s changed. But the bar is even higher in 2021 with web users expecting search performance equal to what Google itself delivers. Using Algolia, 43% of website owners report record high sales success.

Keeping it Tight

Organizations using in-house tools have overall larger teams that come with increased employment costs and unpredictable sales numbers. Algolia’s ability to adjust search with minimal reliance on developers/IT keeps your team tight and delivers exponential results.