Take your hosting to the next level

Unleaded provides cloud hosting technologies to outfit your site in the cloud.


Cloud Servers

Moving to the cloud can realize significant agility, we are here to help navigate that process.


Managed Databases

Eliminate performance bottlenecks with managed database hosting.


Optimized Hosting

Environments optimized to run Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento.

Benefits of cloud hosting

Hands down, our hosting environment is the height of sustainability for your Magento, Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine websites.

Our cloud containers are a virtual private server that ensures your site and server resources are dedicated to only your site, no sharing here.

By moving your hosting to our cloud, you can focus on your business instead of acting as maintenance crew for the hardware minutia inherent in the lifecycle of hosting equipment.

The cloud architecture increases scalability options too, allowing a business to quickly scale up or down to meet demand and optimize cost. In the cloud, hardware resources can be allocated for an environment, realizing agility not possible with physical hardware.

Our eCommerce hosting environment is optimized for Magento.

Our hosting environment is optimized for the content management systems in Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine and hybrids too.

Cloud-first SD-WAN ensures the most stable ISP connection is used. Ours is equipped with fail-over protection when needed, critical traffic prioritization.

We utilize SSD-based storage to mitigate storage bottlenecks found with spinning disks.

Redundancy is built into our network for power, and ISP level failures.

Lastly, when you contact us you get us. (No offense to call centers.) You get us and we get you answers.

How to Pick the Right Host

You want a host should be familiar with the platform your site is built on. You want a host that offers redundant service. You want a host that responds to your call or email vs being on hold for hours. You want to know that your host environment and host techs are up to date in hardware, software, and training.

We once had a customer who insisted he had a better host for his site than Unleaded. He said, “I’m good. My friend is helping me. He has HTTP brackets tattooed on his forearm. He’s qualified.”

Bottom line: make a better decision.