Digital Marketing

Unleaded’s digital marketing brings a no-BS approach to the game, providing full transparency to the customer. The results are measurable and proven.

5 Top Trends

Content is King

Search engines take notice of sites that have fresh and unique content. They absolutely love when this content is grouped around a central theme and is relevant to the products or services offered on the site. By updating the content on your site, you are signaling to search engines that your site is actively maintained and is not trying to spam search engines with misleading content. This builds up a long-term trust that both Google and Bing recognize. One of the best ways to keep your content and website fresh is to write a blog or create video blogs.

Consistency is Queen

Being consistent is just as important as making new content. This is why we at say, “If the content is king, consistency is queen." SEO is something that once you have decided to do it, you should be all in; and be consistent with your efforts. If you do not have a level of consistency in your SEO your site tends to grow slower and it is much more difficult to get your site to place on the 1st page of Google or Bing.

Know when to hold ‘em

Is your SEO team showing the competition your hand? If using outdated methods to optimize your website, the competition can see the keywords and target those that you are going after. This can be used to counteract your SEO campaigns or could be reused in their own SEO campaigns. Our methods of optimization are protected from prying eyes, allowing you to control your digital marketing path.

Drive with data

Data is worthless unless you derive actionable tasks from your data. Otherwise, your campaign is being operated by simple feelings or hunches. If you drive with data, you will find out what works best on your site and for your customers. Oftentimes the data shows us a new product, service, and insight we would have never considered unless we were conscious of what our metrics are telling us.

Goodbye Metadata, Hello "Schema"

If your current optimizer is talking to you about keywords and metadata, RUN; don't walk. Run. While keywords are important and will always be, there are much better ways to let Google know what keywords you are interested in showing up for. If you are using keywords in your metadata, you are likely doing more harm to your search results than helping. Google and Bing are much more receptive to newer forms of metadata; such as, Schema or JSON-LD mark-up.

Customizable Services

Short List of Available Options

URL Review

Social Media Audit

Social Media Strategy

Profile Optimization

Custom profile cover shots

Content Creation & Curation

Custom Infographics

Custom Graphics Creation

Hashtag Strategy

Brand Keyword Monitoring

Facebook Shop/Service Integration

Business Location Integration

Spam Commenting Mitigation

Video Vignettes

Review Response Management

Respond to Comments & Replies

Respond to Direct Inquiries

Facebook Auto Responder

Brand Keyword Monitoring

Google Analytics Traffic Report

Competitor Tracking Report

Monthly Management Report

Google Analytics Goal Tracking Setup

Google Tag Manager Setup

Advanced Google Analytics Reporting

Image Remarketing Advertising

Ads on Instagram

Instant Experience Ads

Promoted Polls

Carousel Image Ads

Product Collection Ads

Facebook Marketplace Listings

...and many more!