Add a New Line of Revenue in COVID Season

Increase the visibility and profitability of your new streams of revenue in a COVID world


One of our clients, wasted no time in moving into the mask-making business in a COVID world. We’ve personally tested the Gale Guard masks in three locations across Colorado, among family, vendors and employees. To a one, the men report that this is the first mask that is not uncomfortable when bearded. Covid season will be remembered as #letsgrowtogether, celebrities and regular guys who took the several months in isolation as the opportunity to try out a new look or simply abandon the daily ritual of shaving.

In this new normal, women in our unofficial mask test group also claim the Gale Guard™ Reusable Face Mask is preferable over homemade masks that, well, look homemade. The Gale Guard masks are lightweight enough that they don’t feel like you’re confined, unable to breathe…much like a too-tight turtleneck sweater that tightens with each rising degree on a spring day.

Gale Guard is the inventor and world leader in the production of advanced polymer fabrics used for commercial and residential outdoor shade protection from the sun. If you’ve shared a glass of wine al fresco under a shade sail, you already know Gale Guard. If you’ve lavished love on your puppy with an elevated pet bed (a Coolaroo original), your four-legged pet appreciates the brand as much as you do.

“Bottom line has never counted more than it does today for any size business,” says Jarod Clark, Founder of Unleaded. “Savvy website owners understand that an internet presence requires tenacious innovation to thrive in the unknown. Unleaded Software is poised to help you make that happen.”

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