Boost to Beat COVID

Functionality that can make your website function better during COVID


In the muddle of it all—COVID—customers like, those who had always been serious about their web performance, forged ahead with upgrades that proved to push their websites to even better performance than pre-COVID. implemented the LiveChat Product Cards for E-Commerce app that allows online shoppers to ask specific questions and get answers real-time while shopping. It overcomes any anonymity that is innately a feature of internet communications at a time that connectivity has never been more important. This particular LiveChat function hurdles the disappointing wait time when a customer wants deeper information about products. Live Chat Product Cards allows the Chat Rep to immediately call up all the details of alternative recommended products vs. just pointing the shopper to another product page on the website.

Trouts’ owner Tucker Ladd implemented online videos to bring the river right into the living room of loyal home-bound patrons. As restrictions lift in June, he’s layered on classes for summer including Women Are Fly, a one-day flyfishing course on the water. Meanwhile, Ladd continues plans to move his Denver headquarters to a larger location closer to the Platte this summer. A river, it seems, runs through all the ups and downs in the economy.

Simultaneously, Trouts moved to a new location with expanded features in proximity to the Platte River. Visit the newest Trouts location at 1025 Zuni St., Denver, CO.

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