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Daniel Weiss Joins Unleaded

Daniel Weiss, Executive Assistant to the President and Sales at Unleaded Group.

Daniel Weiss - Executive Assistant to the President | Sales, Unleaded Group

For most of 2016, no one in the Denver office of Unleaded Software had heard of Daniel Weiss. He was 14 hours and 955 miles removed,working at Hickory Point Bank & Trust in Decatur, Ill. There, he’d started out as a teller in 2011 and worked his way up to Assistant Vice President of eCommerce, implementing web platforms, developing the bank’s website and establishing operational procedures to achieve the height of customer service.

It was time to take a ride.

I-70 brought Weiss to Denver and Unleaded. Named Executive Assistant to the President | Sales, Weiss has already made appreciable differences in Unleaded’s operations.

“Daniel Weiss may be young [he’s 29], but he’s got more sales savvy and customer satisfaction awareness than most legends in this business,” said Jarod Clark, President and Founder of Unleaded. “Daniel’s work ethic and business awareness are a lesson to us all. His enthusiasm knows no bounds.”

To wit, Weiss left the company Christmas karaoke party and, in his words, “For whatever reason I had all these ideas for what I wanted to do on Base—so, I couldn’t help myself (I essentially did it all last night after the party) and 2) bad data in, bad data out, 3) this is a need at the company. We are already closer to where we need to be from a sales and service perspective.”

As the year comes to a wrap, Unleaded looks forward to a prosperous 2017 with Daniel Weiss on board. Call into the office. He’s likely to be the individual to answer the phones (he never lets it ring past 1.5 times, as a rule). Weiss is able to help customers and interested parties identify precisely the web tools they need to achieve their business goals swiftly.

“When I left for Colorado, I knew what I was looking for but, but I didn’t know if I would find it. I took a huge risk,” said Weiss. “My moral compass compelled me to seek out a company to work for that I personally believed in, one which genuinely provides a valuable catalog of products and services, and moreover, one that valued me, not only as a young professional who has figured out his fair share of this world, but as an individual and as a human being. My position at Unleaded is so much more than a “sales role.” I’m not only in the right position, with the right knowledge base, and at the right time. I found much more than a new job here in Denver: I am now truly home."

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