Web Design Ideas for the Holidays

Stroll through the mall or a shopping area this time of year and you’ll see store windows decked in holiday themes.


Your digital storefront can be a powerful holiday sales driver, too.

Inspiring Banners and Holiday Graphics

Rotating banners with holiday specials like gift wrapping, early bird specials or free shipping can inspire customers to spend their money with you instead of your competitors. And properly designed, your holiday graphics can give you an edge. Here are a few quick tips.

  • Use festive typefaces in your headlines to reinforce the holiday spirit. Just be careful that they aren’t too ornate to be easily read on smaller screens like phones and tablets.
  • Don’t overdo it. Softer colors and subtle holiday cues can be more relaxing to harried shoppers than a sea of bright red and green or clichéd graphics that show up on sites everywhere.
  • Keep your home page free from clutter by linking out to subpages.
  • Maintain visual continuity with your ongoing site design so customers don’t get confused
  • Give your copy broad appeal. Overly specific or religious themes can cut down on your message’s impact.
  • Use winter-themed images. You can get extra mileage with themes that are appropriate throughout the season.
  • Use holiday-evoking words in your copy like giving, gift, winter, snow, gathering, etc.
  • If you have special holiday packaging for your products, feature it.

Well-Integrated Holiday Promotions

The principles that guide good website design year-round apply equally to seasonal promotions. The design professionals at the Unleaded Group know how to integrate your holiday message with your ongoing company image to drive seasonal sales your direction.

The Unleaded Group can help your e-commerce site thrive this holiday season. We have an award-winning Responsive Design team that will make your site is user-friendly across all platforms and content-rich to drive up its rankings. Our SEO and Content Marketing specialists will make sure your site drives revenue gains with our exclusive Agile Marketing techniques.

Don’t wait to take the lead in holiday sales. The Unleaded Group is a global leader in high-performance e-commerce web development and we know how to drive your site to the top. Visit our website for a look at the many ways we can fuel your holiday success. Check out our e-commerce blog for ideas on how your site can stand out and perform at its best.

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