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WordPress websites account for more than 70 million sites live on the web today.  WordPress is the most widely used website platform for a reason. Easy to build, modify, manage, entry-level WordPress today comes in more professional-looking templates than ever before. With robust plugins, literally thousands, the platform can be highly customized and extended for commercial use. And because it’s a community platform, the licensing fees required on other platforms don’t apply to WordPress.

Produced by Unleaded’s professional web developers in less time than any other type of website, some of the features inclusive in this platform are:

Unleaded offers proactive HardTop Hack Prevention + Repair coverage. The trade-off of the low cost of WordPress admission is that those sites are the most vulnerable to hacking. As these components age, they need updating to protect against new and innovative hacks. When a WordPress website is hacked, search engines will blacklist the site, resulting in loss of Search Engine rankings, decreased website traffic and loss of revenue. HardTop Hack Prevention + Repair Coverage is available only to Unleaded’s customers with a WordPress website who enroll within 90 days of the website launch date. If your WordPress site wasn’t built by Unleaded, we’ll perform an audit, diagnosis and correct the hack-specific issues before enrolling you under insurance protection where you’ll have peace of mind that you have adequate coverage to handle any WordPress hack on the horizon.

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