Web Design IS Fun and Games

Most people don’t think about it, but web design has a lot in common with game design. Crazy as it may sound, it’s true.


Although the goal of a website is far different from the goal of a well-designed game, there are areas where these two disciplines meet. Read on to learn more!

The Goal of Game Design

Game designers aim to create game spaces that are entertaining, engaging and keep the player involved. If this doesn’t happen, the gamer can quickly become bored, lose interest and exit the game. As games evolve, it’s becoming more and more difficult to “one up” the competition, keeping game designers on their toes, continually searching for the next big thing in the gaming experience.

The elements of evolving graphic design, commercial-quality music scores and soundtracks that can define a game need to come together in a way that not only keeps the player fully engaged, but enthralled at the virtual world in front of and around them.

And it must happen fast.

Watching “glitchy” graphics unfold and hearing a soundtrack skip interferes with the continuity of the game and the seamlessness of the story is gone. You’re no longer sitting on the edge of your seat.

The Goal of Website Design

The goal of website design is similar to that of game design. Your digital presence is a world created around your products and/or services that needs to engage your visitors and prompt them to take action. The website should be easy to use, relevant to your business and customized with your audience in mind. Engage them so that they want to learn more, dive deeper and ultimately complete a purchase or submit a form.

Website designers must create a world that is contextually and culturally appropriate that visitors and the target audience will naturally relate to, enjoy spending time in and engage with for as long as possible. Put the user experience first and you will see the reward.

Unleaded Group designs websites with your business culture and audience in mind. Our designers create worlds that your visitors will be drawn into, sparking their curiosity to learn more about what you offer. To learn more about a customized, responsive site for your business, call us at 720-221-7126.