Unleaded Delivers Reliable, On-Time Performance for the Holidays

With online shopping already setting seasonal records, your choice of a hosting service for your website is more important than ever.


While millions of businesses relying on cheap, bulk service providers like BlueHost, HostMonster and justHost went dark for hours on November 25, Unleaded Software and Beanstalk Solar Hosting customers enjoyed fast, reliable service throughout the busy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush.

These outages, along with system overloads at ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner, are becoming more frequent as internet traffic soars. That’s why finding a reliable host for your website should be a top priority.

Beanstalk Solar Hosting Keeps Your Website Operational During Power Outages

Typical of many internet outages, the November crash was traced to a power station in Utah. The Unleaded Group’s Beanstalk Solar Hosting service is powered by a photovoltaic array mounted right on the building roof. The grid-tied solar system generates 3.7 kilowatts of energy, enough to keep our servers and critical functions operational even during an extended power outage. That means that short of a widespread catastrophic grid failure, your website will keep operating when others go down.

Excess Server Capacity and Denver Location Prevents System Overloads and Latency

System overloads during heavy traffic are also becoming more frequent. That’s why the Unleaded Group maintains server capacity well in excess of our customer needs.

Our Colorado location is at the crossroads of telecommunications in the United States. Denver has long been the preferred location for satellite “bounces” coast to coast, helping data and television signals transfer the continental width with ease. The location of our servers can save precious seconds in web transmissions and download times – a gap called “latency” in the industry – over such traffic traveling coast to coast. This comes in particularly handy during times of high web traffic, like mid to late afternoons during the week and on heavy holiday shopping days.

Top-Quality Hosting Products and Support Services

As a professional web hosting company, Beanstalk Solar Hosting offers Linux Solid-State Drive (SSD) servers for high-speed requirements, Windows technology, and PHP programming language – all powered efficiently by the Colorado sun. Plus, we have support services to match the quality of our hosting products. From basic and secured-site hosting, to high-speed hosting for high-traffic web businesses, we back up your site function with 24/7 industry-best tech support.

We Help You Deliver During the Holiday Season

The Unleaded Group can help ensure that your company’s website delivers all its potential during the busy holiday season. The Unleaded Group is just what the name says—a group of enterprises that work together to provide superior e-commerce solutions. Our design and development teams will make your site user-friendly and content-rich to drive up its rankings. Our SEO and Content Management specialists will make sure your site drives revenue gains with our exclusive Agile Marketing techniques. And when your site is hosted by Beanstalk Solar Hosting, you can rest assured that it is safe, reliable and responsive. Call us at 855-865-3233.