Unleaded Adds Horsepower to Magento e-Commerce Sites

From beta testing its first release in 2007, the Unleaded Group has refined the power of Magento™ E-commerce software to build over 300 of the most dynamic online storefronts online today.


Unleaded Software Inc. employs 11 Magento-Certified and Magento Certified Plus developers in both its U.S. headquarters and its India satellite offices.

Magento is an open-source content management system (CMS) for e-commerce that is used by nearly one-third of the world’s most popular sites. More than 240,000 Magento websites exist worldwide using an SQL relational database management system and PHP programming language to make its industry-leading search framework customizable to client needs. This has allowed the Unleaded Group to create highly-optimized e-commerce websites for customers like Rite Aid, the Dallas Cowboys and international marketers Pactimo cycling apparel and Canada-based men’s clothier George Richards XL.

Magento has two distinct platforms: Magento Community Edition is an open-source platform that offers developers access to a range of customizable options with no licensing fee. For larger businesses Magento Enterprise Edition is a licensed edition with exceptional supported functionality. The Unleaded Group actively participates in Magento developer conferences and online group forums to bring the latest technical, support and troubleshooting technology to ecommerce websites.

Both editions are built today in Responsive Design formats—designs that populate on a desktop, tablet or smart phone in proportionally usable scale. Unleaded has perfected building Magento ecommerce sites that are hybrids of ExpressionEngine (content managed systems) and ecommerce Magento builds.

The Unleaded Group has an award-winning Responsive Design team that will make your site mobile-friendly and content-rich to drive up its rankings in Google searches plus other search engines.

Why wait to take the lead in e-commerce? The Unleaded Group is a global leader in high-performance e-commerce web development. Visit our newly-designed website for a look at the many ways we can fuel your business growth. We’re happy to send you a free quote for designing a site that does the job you need. Or call us toll-free today at 855.865.3233 to learn how Magento and Unleaded can add horsepower to your online business.