The Right E-Commerce Platform for Your Business

Whether you’re ready to take the next step in e-commerce or are just getting started with a new venture, choosing the right platform to present yourself on can be a make-or-break proposition.


If you’re a Craig’s-Lister, an Amazon-dweller, or an eBay maven, their native platforms may be fine, but if you’re a serious consumer or wholesale marketer with an image to maintain, there are only a few good choices, and even fewer that are robust enough to do a really good job at an enterprise level.

Efficient Design & Functionality

In order to be effective, an online store needs to look great and function easily. Shoppers trust businesses that look professional and are easy to do business with. They don’t want disorganized or hard-to-find merchandise any more than they would in a physical location. That means your platform needs to display products or illustrate services professionally and manage your inventory and schedules efficiently.

Your site needs to load quickly, function smoothly, and operate well across multiple devices. Smartphones and tablets have passed desktop computers as the primary source of online shoppers, and if those users can’t shop and buy on their mobile devices, you’re cutting out over half your market.

Accurate & Secure Check-Out

When it’s time to buy, your customers need an easy checkout process that they trust to be accurate and secure. After all, they’re opening their bank accounts to you and you need to make them feel good about it.


It needs to have robust back-office capability, too. It needs to integrate with your mail lists, to function properly with your other business software and be compatible with other sales sites like Amazon or Google if you’ll be selling there.

Scalable & Customized

There are many e-commerce platforms on the market, but none offer the combination of scalability, features, and customization found in Magento, and that’s why it’s the preferred platform for e-commerce sites built by the Unleaded Group.

Magento’s open-source software lets our developers build e-commerce solutions that are tailored to individual client needs on a platform that is scalable, flexible, and easy to manage. Sites built with Magento make it easy for customers to shop and buy, resulting in a rich, interactive shopping experience that’s sure to build sales and keep buyers coming back.

Professional Support

Of course a tool is only as good as the person using it, and when it comes to building Magento e-commerce sites, Unleaded has some of the best craftspeople you can find. With eleven Magento-certified developers, award-winning designers, and an outstanding SEO and conversions staff, we deliver unparalleled design, development and support services.

Over 15 years as a leader in online e-commerce development has given The Unleaded Group insight to build sites that perform. We deliver proven, tested results with creativity, precision, and ease of use that sets you apart from the competition.

For complete details on the many ways The Unleaded Group works with our clients to build a web presence that stands out in the crowded e-commerce marketplace, call The Unleaded Group toll-free today at 855.865.3233 or drop us an email and we’ll send you a free quote for designing a site that does the job you need. You’ll see why The Unleaded Group is the Gold Standard when it comes to e-commerce website development and management.