The Importance of Encryption in E-Commerce Websites

What is Encryption? Encryption is the process of converting normal text (data) into “Cipher text.”


What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of converting normal text (data) into “Cipher text.” Once completed, this makes it impossible for someone to read or interpret the original data until it is decrypted back into its original state. This allows the exchange of data between companies and even individual-to-company without the risk of someone “in the middle” intercepting this data and using it in a harmful or illegal way. Once the data is encrypted, only the person who originally encrypted the data or the recipient who has been provided the decryption key will be able to decrypt and read the data.

These days, we often hear about hackers stealing data from large-scale companies, banks and retailers, which presents a possible threat to those databases where the data is stored. The good news is that most (if not all) of these established websites’ online transactions have the data stored in encryption. It takes a very significant effort and very expensive technology to decrypt this stolen data in an effort to keep your information secure.

Using Encryption Technology in E‑Commerce

As our use of e-commerce continues to soar, the need for encryption of customer data (as well as inventories, company financial information, etc.) increases as well. When you sign up on a website for a membership, club, or even just for their weekly newsletter, your personal information is stored. Once you start to purchase products or services from that retailer or service company, those transactions are stored in your “history” for a record of your activity with that company.

If you think about it, you now have a majority of your personal information tied to your purchase history, including credit card information and more. If it weren’t for encryption, if a hacker were to breach the initial security of these websites, they would have access to all of your information.

To try and prevent this from happening, companies have teams within their organization that not only are responsible for encrypting the data to keep it secure, but are also constantly reviewing new technologies to support an even stronger encryption and data security solution.

It is a continuing fight and commitment to increased vigilance that keeps these experts steps ahead of hackers and thieves to keep your data safe. Here at Unleaded Group, we are committed to keeping our clients and their customers safe with the latest encryption technologies. If you own an ecommerce platform and are not sure if its security, call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants at 720-221-7126.