The "Hero" Image: Is it Still Grabbing Everyone's Attention or Just Increasing Your Bounce Rate?

While it generally doesn’t come with a cape and mask, the hero image does have a lot of power when it’s harnessed correctly.


What is a Hero” Image?

While it generally doesn’t come with a cape and mask, the hero image does have a lot of power when it’s harnessed correctly. You’ve seen it before – the large, edge to edge image that quickly grabs your attention on the homepage as you click onto the page. It gets in your face and says, “hey you!” The hero image is an attention-grabber that exists for a reason, and when it’s done right you are entranced, engaged and want more.

While there are those who question its value, the fact is that the hero image works and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Several various types of the hero image have grown from the original design, each adding options to suit your needs.

Hero Image Design Variations

Normally appearing as a large banner image dominating the top of a website page, stretching from edge to edge, the hero image is a visual depiction of your company offering.

However, over the years the hero image has done some growing up. Today, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just one image. It can be multiple images. In fact, many websites have found that using well-placed, rotating hero images, they keep their audiences engaged longer and see a decreased overall bounce rate.

Another variation of the modern-day hero image is the use of a full-page image, which yields similar results. For example, a retail company using a full-page hero image can introduce visitors to their latest products with large, vibrant images that entice you to want more. We see more and more restaurants using this technique and taking advantage of their establishment’s high-quality, high-resolution images. When paired with a well-designed menu, the design screams, “You’ve got to try us!” Many people do.

Risks and the Importance of Proper Image Selection

When have we ever seen a hero fail at anything? It does happen!Remember when we said a hero image could keep an audience engaged and reduce the bounce rate? Well, even Superman can have a bad day.

As much as a well-placed, high-quality, highly relevant image can entice, engage and excite an audience, a poor attempt can do the exact opposite. Think of it as the Lex Luthor of images. If the wrong one is used, it can literally drive traffic away from your site and even raise your bounce rate.

At Unleaded Group, we work tirelessly to create a website for your business that entices, engages and successfully communicates your company offerings to your audience. If your current hero image isn’t doing its job, give us a call and find out how we can help. We may not be actual heroes, but we know how important your image is, and we are here to help. For more information, call us at 720-221-7126.