SSL – Do You Need It?

SSL (secure sockets layer) is a process for connecting a customer’s browser to a site’s server by a “handshake” that links sets of encrypted data to establish a secure connection and encrypt the data transmitted between the two points.


In doing so, the data is protected from being intercepted by an "eavesdropper" on an unprotected network. It does not, however, protect you or the user from hacking or phishing attacks. That has to come from safe use practices on the customer end and good IT security at the server.

So do you really need SSL protection on your site?

When You Must Use SSL

If you collect credit card information through your website, you bet. In fact, the Payment Card Industry, an association of payment card companies (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) requires you to have SSL certification in order to do business with them. Beyond that, sites that collect private membership information like addresses, or financial information and health records are expected to protect that data from unauthorized use.

On the other hand, if your site is strictly promotional or informational, or if you sell a product through a third party payment system like PayPal or Amazon, you probably don't need it since you're not collecting customer data.

The grey area comes when you collect email addresses, names, passwords, documents or photos through forms on your site. Without SSL protection, that data can be intercepted, and while it may not cause direct financial loss to your member/customer, it can result in spamming or phishing attacks that do.

Custom SSL Encryption

You can use SSL encryption on an entire site or just on certain pages, and there are different levels of security you can choose from…all at different costs to you for licensing and programming to incorporate them into your site.

Build Customer Confidence

Millions of people transmit sensitive data via secure sites every day, and as internet users become more sophisticated they look for assurances that their personal information will be protected. If you want to add the extra measure of confidence that having a secure site gives to your customers, contact the e-commerce professionals at the Unleaded Group.

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