Remarketing Done Right —The Smart Way to Leverage Your Marketing Dollars

You put a lot of time and effort into getting shoppers to your website, so don’t waste that investment by letting them slip anonymously away into cyberspace.


Research shows that up to 95% of the people who visit e-commerce sites leave without buying a thing. But smart marketers know they don’t have to just wave and say goodbye forever as they walk out the door.

Smart marketers know about remarketing, and they know how to do it right. The concept itself is simple. The execution is what separates the winners from the also-rans.

Cookies and Google Display Network Sites

Google is one of several companies that allow businesses that deal with them to put a cookie on the computers of visitors that identify what interested them on a website. They then use that information to display an ad for that same product, sold by that same business, on thousands of high-traffic sites that are part of the Google Display Network. As people who left the company’s site (the 95% who didn’t buy) visit other sites, they’re reminded of the product they had looked at earlier.

Rather than spending money on shoppers randomly, this lets businesses design ads that reinforce product desirability and spend their ad dollars on people who have already shown interest—i.e., “qualified” leads.

Remarketing Strategy to Target Qualified Leads

You doubtless know that qualified leads produce better results than shouting into a crowd. Remarketing limits the number of people who see follow-up ads to folks who have shown interest in a particular product or product line. Ads are designed that target them and them alone. Businesses do this as part of a target marketing plan that includes identifying their most popular products and building a remarketing strategy that focuses on them.

Great, you say. Sign me up. But when you get the bill for the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of click-throughs from the Google network, you might start to wonder why you’re still not converting many of those people. That’s where “smart remarketing” comes into play.

Smart Remarketing with Analytics

Google Analytics and other tracking products are tools marketers can use to gather lists of qualified prospects, and good designers can build ads that reinforce a sales message targeted to that specific audience. That way, remarketing messages won't be shown to people who aren't on the list.

Effective remarketing is an affordable way to promote, upsell and cross-sell products and services. The e-commerce marketing experts at the Unleaded Group know how to design and implement remarketing plans that work. We can build remarketing strategies that connect searches, social media and email lists into an integrated plan that keeps you and your products top-of-mind with your most likely buyers to leverage your marketing investment for a higher ROI.

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