Reduce Threat of Stolen Data with Magento Security Patches for Increased Protection

Magento is one of the most common and successful platforms for e-commerce websites.


It’s a highly efficient e-commerce platform, as it allows the website to contain an online store used for direct customer ordering. Magento continues to be an industry leader in the e-commerce business and with cutting edge updates and security, has a bright future ahead of it.

Security Patches Keep Websites’ Safety Up-To-Date

Once you begin using any platform for a website, you must commit to keeping it up-to-date with security patches from time to time. These patches are generated when a known vulnerability is identified, either through continued software testing, or when a new bug is launched, and successfully breaches the existing security.

Patches Protect Against Malicious Malware Scripts

Oftentimes malicious software developers create fake security patches used to infiltrate through known security vulnerabilities and then plant a virus or other bug that can open the e-commerce website up to greater vulnerabilities. These types of vulnerabilities can copy and take customer information through malware to sell it or distribute it to other sites that pay for such information, and worse.

Such a situation was identified recently with the “Shoplift Bug Patch;” a code execution vulnerability script that Magento found, documented for customers, and released a patch for protection in February of this year.

Other vulnerability-based scripts such as Neutrino Exploit Kit also take advantage of unassuming developers and their clients to extract the e-commerce data for websites such as “Guruincsite,” which has been blacklisted by Google as a known link to Neutrino Exploit.

Avoid Threat of Stolen Data by Installing Current Security Update Solutions

All of these malicious malware scripts are designed to do one thing: infect a platform and the computer. They accomplish this with false security patches or through one of the existing vulnerabilities that hasn’t been patched correctly. From there, they harvest information including corporate data, customer data, and most importantly, financial records and information. Once this is achieved, the data is sold or distributed, and the corporation and its customers are none the wiser until that stolen data is used.

Here at the Unleaded Group, we dedicate resources to keep up-to-date with the latest security patches, and also stay aware of false patches and malicious scripts. By knowing what is a real security update solution and one that is designed to exploit a website’s vulnerability, we can minimize the threat to your website, and keep it safe for you and your customers.

If you have questions about your e-commerce platform, call us today at 720-221-7126 and schedule an appointment with one of our resident consultants to find out if your platform is at risk, or is locked up safe from current threats.