Quick Tips to Improve Website Sales

You’ve got to be excited – your new e-commerce website is up and running! All of your products are aglow on their own pages, displaying perfectly and the phone is ringing off the hook. Right?


Hold on, the phone ISN’T ringing off the hook and your email inbox isn’t anywhere near full capacity? As a developer would say, Yikes!

Don’t fret. Here are some quick tips that can help to not only enhance your website, but draw in more of your audience and encourage them to start adding products to their shopping carts like there’s no tomorrow. These recommendations can help your website turn that corner and create a stronger digital presence.

Fundamental Website Design

While there has been a great concentration on your product pages, meant to help entice your audience into a purchase, the website design itself has to follow the basic website design fundamentals and incorporate the appropriate color schemes, images, content, and layout. Without those basic yet critical components, your website isn’t really off to a great start.

Frequent, Relevant Content

If you’ve read any of our recent blog articles, you know how important relevant content is. It’s critical. Your website content must be relevant to your audience, engaging enough to keep them excited to not only stay on your website longer, but find the product they are looking for, add it to the shopping cart and complete the purchase.

Shopping Cart Visibility

What good is a shopping cart icon if you can’t find it? It’s worthless. Customers love to see items fill up their cart as a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll lose them, along with the sale, if you don’t have the cart visible in a prominent location.

Optimized Buttons

What better way to help your customers than to provide them with optimized buttons on the individual product pages, adding the product to the cart? If you make it hard for the customer to actually order the product they want, they won’t. Similarly, you’ll be surprised how well sales do if you optimize your order buttons to make it over-simplified.

Keep the Website Organized

No one likes to shop in an unorganized, messy store, and the same holds true for online shopping. The navigation and organization of your website is important and can make the difference between a visitor becoming a customer or just another window shopper. Remember, design the navigation of your product pages and website with your customer in mind. They want the browsing experience to be easy, quick and painless. If you deliver, they will likely become repeat customers.

Website Testing and QA

Don’t let your visitors find mistakes, bad links and bad content on your site. When your site launches, be sure that all functions and links are validated and that your team has thoroughly read and edited the pages’ content. If a customer finds mistakes on your website, they are likely to assume your products fall under the same quality controls.

At Unleaded Group, we are always keeping up and learning the new trends that e-commerce customers expect and demand, and build them into client websites for an optimum shopping experience. If you have an existing e-commerce website that isn’t performing the way it should, or you are considering building a digital presence for your products, call us to learn more about what we can do for you at 720-221-7126.