Open the Window

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 is Windows 10 release day


Many users on Windows computers have already reserved the upgrade. That should all already be downloading and in most cases will be available to install starting tomorrow. Please take note, the install process will likely take approx 30-60 mins depending on the computer and what all you have on it.

One of the big new things that is coming with Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. This is a complete replacement for Internet Explorer and is the new default browser. It's actually quite nice, and built from the ground up to be a modern browser with modern standards support (and is faster than Chrome for example). This will be our new baseline Microsoft browser for compatibility. For Internet Explorer, we will continue to actively support IE11 for the next year. After that we'll really target just Edge. Now, most websites continue to work fine in older versions of IE (especially 9 or 10+), but there may be some minor features that are only supported in newer versions. If you need compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer, please let our sales team know when discussing your project.

This is a free upgrade if you are running Windows 7 or above. Just make sure you open up the registration program (the little Windows logo in the system tray) to reserve it.

You can find some more information here:

Got questions? Contact Unleaded Group at (720) 221-7126.