Online Sales Soar while Brick-and-Mortar Stores Crumble

Black Friday shoppers stayed away from stores to the tune of over $1 billion as online sales soared to historic highs.


Forsaking the crowds (and occasional violence), Americans spent over $2.7 billion online on Friday alone, a 14.3% increase over last year. Record Cyber Monday sales topped $3 billion, a 16% gain that exceeded all expectations.

Mobile Shopping Takes the Lead

The big winners were businesses that had invested in mobile sites. According to both IBM and Adobe, sales from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets topped online orders from desktop and laptop computers. Smartphones accounted for nearly 45% of total traffic, but tablet orders averaged $136, the most of any device.

These figures show the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for your business. Not only are shoppers flocking to mobile devices for shopping, but a majority of web searches now come from them, too. With Google and other search engines pushing mobile-friendly sites to the top of their rankings, businesses without them risk getting lost in the stampede.

The message is simple: you want to be where your customers are, and for most businesses, that’s on a mobile device.

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