nFusion Adds Dynamic Pricing to eCommerce Sites

Got coin? Unleaded Software Inc. has a website pricing solution specific to the precious metals space where the market price for gold changes every second.


Working with nFusion Solutions, Unleaded Group introduced this solution in July 2015. nFusion’s cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) tool integrates global financial data and news on a real-time basis. This enables gold and silver dealers to sell online at the most competitive rates where otherwise these ecommerce merchants would have to set prices at a daily rate, often at a price that is not competitive and does not sell. The iFusion solutions updates the price for gold, silver and platinum by the minute.

“The internet by its nature is real-time. This robust, fast market-tracking feature is ideal for online retailers operating in today’s volatile markets,” said Jarod Clark, president of Unleaded Group.

Precious metals dealers can list spot prices and integrate them into their websites, updating pricing by the minute without having the IT staff or a developer on the desk 24/7. Businesses that deal internationally in multiple currencies can rely on this up-to-the-minute conversion information to facilitate processing orders while mitigating currency risks, added Clark.

The customer, too, benefits from this tool and can leverage their buy sell orders day and night from an iPhone, tablet or desktop, according to Clark. Customers who would have otherwise had to be physically at their desk to place orders can now conduct business while mobile as the nFusion tool works on mobile platforms. Unleaded’s Responsive Design is increasingly replacing simple mobile sites. Responsive sites widen and narrow according to the device being used to access the site, ensuring that all of the site’s functionality is fully operational no matter if using a computer or phone.

“Bottom line, this tool is the bottom line,” Clark added. “Incorporated into a precious metals website, nFusion will make a notable financial difference to a metals dealer.”

Let the ecommerce specialists at the Unleaded Group show you how nFusion’s suite of products will scale to meet your website needs. Our award-winning developers and designers work with industry-leading nFusion, Magento, Craft and ExpressionEngine technology. Our outstanding SEO and conversions staff teams with them for unparalleled design, development and support, all backed by over fifteen years as a leader in online e-commerce development. We deliver proven, tested results with creativity, precision, and ease of use that sets you apart from the competition.

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