Make “Gray November” Work for You

Retailers and e-commerce websites are all gearing up for the fourth quarter of the sales year with a barrage of sales just in time for the holidays.


Retailers and e-commerce websites are all gearing up for the fourth quarter of the sales year with a barrage of sales just in time for the holidays. In your e-mail, mailbox, on radio and TV, and everywhere you go during the holidays you will see reminders that this is shopping season and the sales are happening now.

Not long ago, shoppers only had the option of going out to stores on Black Friday.But as e-commerce has grown over the years, Cyber Monday came alive, offering consumers the option of grabbing the same deals available in stores online.

As more consumers continue to start shopping earlier in the season (as early as before Halloween), businesses continue to come up with ways to meet their demands and bring in more sales - introducing Gray November.

What Is Gray November?

As more individuals are shopping online and e-commerce continues to dominate consumer sales, online businesses are adapting their models based on customer data. Customers want to see discount sales earlier, and thus Black Friday has expanded into an entire month (or more): Gray November.

As early as Halloween, retailers begin adding more discounts and special offers on products and services. Now, shoppers can get great deals throughout the month without having to worry about missing out on one-day-only sales. With more shopping options, consumers can now take their time to find deals on their favorite items.

While great for shoppers, this model has been hard for some businesses to adapt to. Customers expect Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be deep discounts for holiday gift shopping; if retailers have to offer these low prices all month long, it is hard for them to discount items further just for the special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Foster Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business to Benefit from Gray November

Fortunately for businesses, Gray November can work out to be a major advantage if they implement a smart marketing plan that involves building customer loyalty and repeat business. Having a customer buy from your store throughout Gray November is good, but having them come back for Black Friday deals is better (and having them back in January is better still!).

The best way to keep your customers shopping with you all holiday season long is to make sure their engagement is high. Make sure to follow up on their purchase with suggested related items that will be discounted on Black Friday. Give them a reason to come back, and to keep coming back. This technique is key to building loyalty and repeat business.

It’s hard to predict sales and trends as the holiday season continues to surprise us. The growth of e-commerce empowers consumers to shop online and easily compare prices to get the best deals. The competition is intense. For any business to thrive in this new shopping reality, it’s important to always focus on gaining a customer for life instead of a quick sale.

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