Magento 2.0 is Here. Do You Need It?

The ecommerce world is all a-twitter about the long-anticipated release of Magento 2.0, and well, it should be.


Improved Scalability, Optimization and Supercharged Performance

Magento 2.0 offers improved scalability and many new features that optimize, simplify, and supercharge ecommerce websites. It includes built-in SEO tools to drive traffic to websites. It incorporates best practices and techniques that have come from its extensive developer community. It’s a dream for people using Magento for all or nearly all of their ecommerce presence, especially those who run their site operations in-house.

That’s a relatively small subset of Magento users, though. Most serious ecommerce businesses employ a development partner like the Unleaded Group to customize their website to their own particular needs and to build sites that stand out in a crowd. And therein lies the rub.

Customized Modules and Add-Ons Outperform Stock Magento 2.0 Platform

Simply put, as good as off-the-shelf Magento software is, because of its open architecture and large community of top-level developers, many modules and add-ons exist that outperform stock Magento components. Highly competent developers have integrated these things into Magento-based websites to solve most of the issues Magento 2.0 addresses in the new release. In fact, many of the customizations still work better than 2.0, and those same developers are redesigning their software to turbocharge 2.0.

And that’s why you probably don’t need to rush into Magento 2.0 if your site is designed by the Unleaded Group. Chances are it’s already outperforming the 2.0 platform. And it will be even better when 2.0-compatible add-ons and modules become available. Look for them to arrive sometime in 3Q 2016 or later.

Improved Customizations for 2.0‑Compatible Modules

New Magento sites may be built in 2.0 from the start if they don’t call for customized modules, and existing sites will eventually migrate to the new release as newer and better customizations become available. But most existing sites built by the Unleaded Group will continue to outperform Magento 2.0 due to client-tailored customizations. And when the 2.0-compatible modules become available, those sites will be even better.

If you would like more information about Magento 2.0 and how it will impact your ecommerce business, call us toll-free today at 855.865.3233 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.