Holistic Online Marketing—What it is and Why it’s Important to Your Success

As search engine dynamics change to reflect today’s online marketplace, a carefully integrated approach to internet marketing is more important than ever.


It goes by different names, but the one that’s being tossed around a lot lately is “Holistic Marketing.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the most powerful way to direct traffic to your site.But as platforms evolve and user habits change, simply getting people to your site is no longer the competitive advantage it used to be.

Today, successful marketers know that up to 50% of their traffic can come from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They also know that more and more people are pointed to sites by social media. Getting shoppers to your site is only the first battle. Keeping them there and getting them to buy is what wins the war.

Here are some ways you can use a holistic approach to add power to your online marketing:

Make Your Site Responsive to All Platforms

Responsive websites are designed to be viewed on all size screens from large desktop monitors to 4-inch telephone screens. A responsive site automatically detects the type of device calling it and adapts the content to fit. The site re-sizes itself on the user’s screen so that pages aren’t cut off and text and navigation buttons are large enough to read and use easily. Today’s shoppers are impatient and pressed for time. They won’t use a site that won’t appear properly on a smart phone or tablet.

Keep Your Content Relevant and Compelling

Help your shopper find what they want by making navigation clear and making it easy to move from page to page. Develop a strong brand identity combined with top-quality professional design and photography. Tell them what they want to hear, not what you want to say, with easy navigation, a clear call to action, and a simple way to buy.

Spread the Word

Search engines may be the primary way to build traffic to your site, but other portals matter too. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are chock-full of marketing opportunities. Be sure to post relevant content. Invite people to follow you and to like your page. The average Facebook user has 338 “friends” and those friends have friends, so one “like” can have exponential results. While Google is king, don’t overlook other searchable resources like business directories and sites such as Yelp, Yahoo, CitySearch, and Yellow Pages.com plus others.

Encourage Online Reviews

With more than 70% of online purchases decided by reviews, you can’t afford to hide. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, you’ll get them whether you ask for them or not. The trick is to encourage customers to share their positive experiences. You may be surprised at the love you get. Make commenting easy. It builds trust and loyalty, and the more reviews you have, the higher your search engine ranking!

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