Heat Maps and User Experience

Did you know your website has hot spots? They’re the places users engage with your site the most, and where they’re located is important.


A heat map is a data visualization technique that lets you identify those hot spots and see if your page layout is working for you or against you.

Finding Opportunity from Weakness

Say, for instance, you have a “Buy It Now” button that isn’t producing the results you want. A heat map can show how it relates to the “temperatures” of your web page. If the heat map shows most of your visitors are clicking elsewhere, it could indicate that your buy button is in the wrong place and is getting overlooked. From the user’s point of view, anything on your site that makes using it difficult or frustrating can lead to lost sales when they give up and go to a competitor.

If your website’s performance is less than you want, adding a heat map to its data collection process can point out weaknesses and suggest where improvements to its design can make it more effective. It’s just one of many web analytics tools available to make your site perform.

Content Management Maximizes Analytics Potential

The amount of analytic data available to online marketers is huge, but that can become an obstacle in itself with site owners overwhelmed by numbers that can lead them astray. The Unleaded Group’s content management team can help you gather and sort through that mountain of data and decide what actions to take.

The Content Management team at the Unleaded Group uses both on-site tools like heat mapping and off-site analytics to help your site deliver the results you want. Properly used analytics can let you react to customer behavior quickly and become much more responsive to it. We can test ideas quickly, drop poor performers and focus on things that work.

Online marketing today isn’t just about having a website. Actionable data is readily available and successful businesses are taking advantage of it. When you’re ready to use this data to its full potential, the Unleaded Group is here to help. We have an entire department focused on the latest in site optimization and content management plus an award-winning design team to back them up.

We’re ready to work with you to deliver proven, tested results with creativity, precision, and ease of use that sets you apart from the competition. Visit our site for complete details on the many ways the Unleaded Group works with clients to build a web presence that stands out in the crowded e-commerce marketplace.

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