Google Core Algorithm Updates Underway

Looks like Google is making 2016 the Year of Change.


Looks like Google is making 2016 the Year of Change. After killing Google Code and Google Maps Engine (GME) services last month and merging Songza into Google Play Music, they’re updating some of the core algorithms that impact search engine result pages (SERPs).

Even as these changes take effect, it’s difficult to know whether they’re finalized or evolving…and Google isn’t saying much other than what they’re not. They aren’t the long-anticipated changes to Google Penguin, a Google algorithm aimed at reducing the impact of unethical “Black Hat” SEO practices, or to Google Panda, another site-quality ranking algorithm. Instead, Google calls it “one of our frequent quality updates” to their basic algorithms.

We have noticed, though, that there seems to be a change in the type of results Google shows for brand name inquiries. Is it a move toward “brand name bidding” or simply a change in how Google ranks results based on top-level URLs? Or something else entirely?

One thing is certain, however: close monitoring and analysis of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies has become more important than ever. Today’s search engines are sophisticated and constantly evolving and that puts extra demands on marketers. Successful online marketing today takes a coordinated strategy that includes content, design, and technical know-how.

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