Google Analytics 360 Suite Released

On March 15th of this year, Google launched a new suite of services designed to support enterprise marketers in an effort to help them better understand, and even better yet, connect with their customers no matter which device their customers are using, or where they are in the buying process.


What is in Google Analytics 360 Suite?

The Google Analytics 360 Suite brings together six of Google’s premium analytics products including four that have, until now, only been available in Beta release. These products include:

  • A data management platform tool
  • An optimization tool designed for website testing and customization
  • A data visualization tool
  • A tag management system

Google is also rebranding two of its current tools: Google Analytics Premium (now known as Google Analytics 360) and Adometry(now known as Google Attribution 360). In addition to these tools, the 360 Suite integrates seamlessly with other Google products such as:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Google Display Network
  • Google BidQuery

Providing Google Search-Like Capabilities

“Well learned and sophisticated marketers who use Google’s analytic platforms are three times more likely to outperform their peers in achieving customer goals,” Google’s V.P. of Analytics, Paul Muret states in the Google Analytics Blog.

Just a few years ago, Google made the decision to simplify marketing analytics in very much the same way they simplified internet search with, which led the Google developers to create the 360 Suite on the same search-like platform, enabling them to manage hundreds of queries and access client data quickly and efficiently.

Google Analytics 360 Suite Targets Intent-Rich Micro Moments”

Google states that in addition to the current offerings in Google Analytics 360 suite, it also plans to roll out even more capabilities in the coming months. Initially in beta form, these additional offerings will include:

  • Google Audience Center
  • Google Optimization 360
  • Google Data Studio 360
  • Google Tag Manager 360

The goal with these additional tools in addition to todays options is to help the enterprise marketer identify specific, intent-based, micro-moment opportunities and success to leverage these success points, understand their value to end-users, and improve additional campaign solutions across their customer base for a higher rate of success.

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