Get Proactive: Cybersecurity Can Save Your Business

Before you close up for the night, you put your cash in the safe, turn on the lock your doors, alarm system and make sure the security lights are on and working.


They’re just common sense measures you take to protect your property and your business. But what about thieves and vandals half a world away? If you’re doing business on the internet, your store is open 24/7/365. Are you doing anything to keep it safe while you’re asleep at home?

A recent survey found that 81% of small business owners think cybersecurity is a concern, but less than half have invested in proactive security measures. Failure to protect against online attacks and data theft is tantamount to leaving your doors unlocked in a bad neighborhood, and the internet can be a bad neighborhood indeed.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed a Cybersecurity Framework for businesses to help them assess and manage risks to their data infrastructure. They have identified four tiers of protection and measures that can be taken to implement them:

Tier 1 – Partial Risk Management

Limited awareness of risks and no collaboration with others

Tier 2 – Risk Informed

Risk-management processes and program are in place but are not integrated enterprise-wide and lack formal structure

Tier 3 – Repeatable Practices

Formal policies and programs are in place enterprise-wide, including partial external collaboration

Tier 4 – Adaptive Risk-Management

Processes and programs are proactive and embedded in organizational culture

The NIST Framework is designed to adapt to changes in cybersecurity threats and evolve as technologies develop. It has a mechanism for businesses to assess their current conditions and set goals for implementing plans and changes.

When you invest in a website, it becomes an important asset of your business and needs protection just like your inventory and premises do. Cybersecurity insurance is a rapidly evolving field that’s being led by companies like The Insurance Loft and most other national firms. But while insurance can compensate for losses, it’s better to prevent them in the first place. That’s why it’s important to protect your onsite data operations and be sure that whoever hosts your offsite data takes reliable security measures.

The Unleaded Group has best-practices security measures in place for both our facilities and the data on premises. Our building has controlled access and surveillance systems 24/7. Cameras record activity within the building as well, and access to our server room is permitted only to authorized personnel with specific passcodes. State-of-the art backup systems protect data both onsite and in the cloud.

Online marketing today isn’t just about having a website. When you trust your web development and operations to the Unleaded Group, you can be confident that we take security seriously. We’re ready to work with you to deliver proven, tested results with creativity, precision, and ease of use that set you apart from the competition. And we do it in a secure environment so you can be sure your data is protected.

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