Columns and Cards – Website Design Trends Are Here to Stay

When it comes to website design, there are many opinions as to what works best and what the most user-friendly design is. Many experts work tirelessly to create options that bring web design to the next level. Today’s designs see trends developing that are becoming more and more popular, and are probably here to stay.


Web Design Trend #1: Columns

Columns are the first web design trend that we see taking over the industry. They have been replacing full-page content by dividing the page into sections of specific, detailed content grouped together by columns.

Think of columns the way you would as they are seen in newspapers or magazines. A website column is a self-contained section of a page housing all of one topic’s relevant images and text that an audience can not only easily view in one place.

While columns normally require scrolling to view all of the content, readers tend to stay engaged with it as long as the relevancy remains high.

Web Design Trend #2: Cards

The use of cards is another web design trend we see that has been on the rise. Cards are somewhat like small jars in that they are very concise, self-contained areas of your webpage that hold images and information related to a single topic. For practical example, if your company has many offerings and you are looking to attract a variety of customers, the card design can work well in your favor.

The card design typically requires no scrolling. Unlike the column design, cards are normally more visual with minimal text, which creates a more colorful experience for your audience, often leading to stronger engagement. Cards also have the potential to act as portals to other pages or areas of your site if you add hyperlinks and more in-depth information.

When it comes to mobile platform design, cards are a great choice and perhaps perform better than the column designs as there is minimal scrolling required. Cards are more compact, smaller in size; more quickly identify subjects, initiate engagement and address calls to actions sooner.

In an era where mobile browsing and searching has surpassed that of desktop, mobile website design is the new mantra. Take if from the web design experts: cards are not just a trend, they are here to stay as a standard interface design.

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