Build the Perfect “About Us” Page

People like to know who they’re dealing with, and in the world of e-commerce, the place they’re most likely to visit for that information is your website’s “About Us” page.


What’s on this page can reinforce customer confidence in your company and its products. Or it can make people wonder if they’re dealing with the right business. That’s why it’s crucial to project the image you want. Here are some tips on making that all-important message work.

Tell Them What You Do

Sure, if you’re a bakery, customers know you bake things, but what’s different or unique about how you do it? This is what sets you apart and helps close the sale. It’s called differentiation and is one of the strongest selling points you have.

Use Strong Copy That Reinforces Your Message

A few well-chosen words will get the message across quickly and efficiently. If you need to say more, consider pop-ups, mouse-overs, or “Learn more” links to sub-pages. You can do that with testimonials and client lists, too.

Use Visually Strong Type and Images

Type faces and images are visual cues that reinforce your message. Choose them carefully and strategically and they can add greatly to the impact of your page.

Don’t Clutter or Crowd the Page

When it comes to your web pages, a good rule is “Less is more.” Give your page some breathing room. Too many design elements or blocks of crowded text only confuse readers and diminish the impact of your message.

Keep the Information Interesting and Relevant

A good About Us page builds trust and confidence. If knowing your staff or your company history advances that goal, by all means include it. Just be sure it’s interesting and not overstated or rambling. You can use staff profiles to effectively advance your goals, but keep them “on message” and brief.

Keep the Design Consistent with the Rest of Your Site

The goal of good website design is to keep your message strong and consistent. Carry that through to your About Us page.

Your About Us page tells a story. When people go to it, they’re curious about you, your products, and your company’s reliability. In short, they’re looking a reason to do business with you. That makes it one of the most important pages on your website.

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