Branding Defines Ownership and Wins Audiences

BRANDING has its roots in the cattle days of the Old West. Ranchers made a seasonal ritual of literally burning their symbol of ownership into the hides of yearlings. It eliminated all question of what belonged to who.


Two centuries later, branding still defines ownership. The most recognized product wins market share. When a brand fills a need, people buy it…especially when they recognize the brand.

Today’s most recognizable brands are made by Mad Men who use less medieval tactics than a fiery stem of metal. Agencies shape companies and products into cultural standouts using images and minimal words. From logos to TV ads to Digital Marketing, the brand conveys a message to consumers that prompts sales.

Unleaded’s principals have had their hand in branding for decades. We have guided entrepreneurs with their next big idea to the top of the Internet 100 charts. We design logos and printed collateral for international clients as well as local. We understand the nuances of the mediums—print to cable to cyberspace—and the defining variables that can win a loyal consumer audience OR shove it away.

Award-Winning Team, Defining Ideas

We have dozens of design awards to our credit. We have long-standing business that credit Unleaded with fueling their success. We have artists, videographers, writers, programmers, coders and photographers as employees and long-standing partners. But mostly we have really, really good ideas to make products and services stand apart from the herd.

Branding Campaigns for All Mediums

The benefit of working with Unleaded is our keen ability to build a brand and marketing campaigns that align through all mediums. It pains us to see customers who come to us having spent enormous budgets with agencies that route them through naming conventions and identity branding that may work okay in yesteryear’s traditional mediums but won’t and don’t translate to the web.

2016 Marketing Medium of Choice – The Internet

The internet is the medium of choice in 2016 for marketing products and services. reports that 40% of the world population has an internet connection today compared to less than 1% in 1995. The count of internet users reached 1 billion in 2009, doubling to 2 billion in 2010 and 3 billion in 2014. No other medium has that measure of global readership.

Today’s 20-somethings don’t remember rotary dial phones, communicating by smart phones exclusively. The Yellow Pages are a dead horse, replaced by Google searches. reports that 11 of America’s top retailers will shutter hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores this year. Office Depot will close 400 stores by end of 2016 suffering a 42% per share loss in only 1 year.

Brand your business as a winner. Use the web to your advantage. Use the knowledge Unleaded Group can bring to your marketing effectiveness to rev up your sales.