Boost Your ROI With These Simple Steps

Your pay-per-click (PPC) budget should be a priority in your marketing investment. Are you getting the return you expected?


Is your PPC generating qualified buyers or are people just stumbling to your website and leaving because yours is not the product they seek? Informed PPC targeting is an important part of your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Here are some things you can do increase the quality of shoppers you’re paying to get to your site.

Pick Keywords That Work

Run search terms reports to see the terms people have used to reach your listing. Pick the ones that work and get rid of the rest. You’re wasting money when words don’t convert. Consider trying exact keyword matches to eliminate marginal traffic. You won’t get as many hits, but the ones you get will be better targeted.

Don’t Pay for Ranking You Don’t Need

The view is always better from the top, but shoppers are shopping. They usually look at multiple top-ranked sites, so if your organic ranking is high, you may not need to bid for positioning. If do need to bid, don’t overpay for positioning you don’t need.

Get Negative

If you’re selling women’s shoes, cut out the parts of the shopping public you don’t serve. You can use negative keywords to eliminate searchers who enter terms like “men’s,” “boys’,” or “baby.” They won’t buy your product, so why pay to get them to your site?

Make It Easy to Find What They Want and Buy It

What do shoppers see when they click your link? Is your landing page showing them what they came for? If they’re shopping for bathtubs, don’t show them your whole catalog. Link to your bathtub page, not your home page. A good page design will let them navigate elsewhere if they choose, but don’t distract them needlessly.

Know How Your Customers Shop

Last year, searches from mobile devices outpaced desktop searches for the first time, and the trend is growing rapidly. If mobile browsers dominate your market, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Search engines like Google look at where the search is coming from and direct shoppers accordingly. If you don’t have a mobile site, you are eliminating more than half of your potential customers.

Test, Test, and Retest

Look at when and where your revenue is coming from. Run different ads to see what works best. Try different approaches. Do your customers shop at certain times of the day, week, or year? Does a specific price work better or do percent discounts draw more shoppers? Sometimes simple things like color and typeface used on your landing page will impact results. The more you test, the better your advertising becomes.

The nearly instantaneous availability of data in ecommerce today lets businesses become much more responsive to their customers. Tools like Google Analytics offer a wealth of data, but simply knowing these things is of little value if you don’t know how to act on them. That’s where experts like the Optimization Management team at the Unleaded Group step in.

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