Akron Garden Boutique Selling Trollbeads Online

One of the rare online retailers authorized to sell Trollbeads in the United States using the words “Trollbeads” in its domain name...


Coveted Denmark charms shine on new and improved website

One of the rare online retailers authorized to sell Trollbeads in the United States using the words “Trollbeads” in its domain name, The Gardner of Bath Shop owners Justin and Heather Girves launched a wholly upgraded online store, http://www.trollbeadsakron.com, this month. The Big Commerce website features the original customizable jewelry brand created in Denmark in 1976, now celebrating its 40th anniversary.

“We’re growing into one of the biggest Trollbeads Dealers in the country,” said Trollbeads Akron owner Justin Girves. The garden shop that carries stylish and unusual garden ornaments, had opened in 2006 just as the economy started to lag nationwide. Then Girves attended the Atlanta Gift Show, one of the leading gift shows nationwide, where he overheard show attendees talking about Trollbeads as the next hot thing.

“I didn’t get it at all,” Girves admitted. That said, he decided their garden shop could use a popular-selling item like Trollbeads to save the store as well as to extend the selling season beyond the summer months. Quickly, according to Girves, “Trollbeads became our life line.”

It was 1976 when Silversmith Soren Nielsen designed the first Trollbead and sold it in his father’s jewelry shop in central Copenhagen. Nielsen’s creation featured six troll-like faces carved in all surfaces of a small silver bead. Breaking from tradition, Soren designed the bead with a hole in the middle to string it on a strand of leather vs. hanging from an eyelet on a chain. Young Soren’s sister Lise began to collect more and more of her brother’s bead designs wearing them on a strand as a bracelet.

The popular concept of Trollbeads was born. Buyers, mostly women over 40, began collecting the beads, wearing multiple on a strand. Unlike a strand of pearls that is uniform, Trollbeads are intended to be paired with other original colors, textures, stones and designs.

It’s the charm bracelet of the new millennium and it’s smart to boot. Girves explains that Trollbeads are the ideal gift because men can feel comfortable they’re giving the gift their woman wants. Gifting Trollbeads is a time-honored tradition in some families and between friends. “The beads have collector’s appeal. The distinguishing point lies in creating a story with images, ideas, texture and color,” he said.

The story of the impact on the Girves’ garden boutique revenues can’t be understated. That’s a result of selling online, according to Girves, who credits the Danes with dominating smart assembly and aesthetic appeal above jewelry brands manufactured in other parts of the world. That level of jewelry doesn’t come cheap, Girves added. The beads range from $31 upwards to pure solid 18K gold. Trollbeads is unusual in that it guarantees beads for a lifetime, replacing any bead that breaks.

The website redesign is by Unleaded Software Inc. headquartered in Denver and recognized as one of the topmost ecommerce web development companies in the industry and across the Rocky Mountain West, launched in June 2016.

Visit http://www.trollbeadsakron.com to see what’s trending, collections, favorite beads and new styles in bracelets, spacers, necklaces and earrings.

Contact: Justin Girves The Gardner of Bath/Trollbeads Akron 2368 N. Cleveland-Massillon Rd. Akron, OH 44333 330-659-3055 support@trollbeadsakron.com