6 Great Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Good marketing and SEO will drive customers to your website, but what can you do to get them to buy once they’re there?


Good marketing and SEO will drive customers to your website, but what can you do to get them to buy once they’re there? Here are six top suggestions for how to get it done.

  1. Keep Your Landing Page Lean & Clean
    Reduce the number of distractions on your pages to keep your message clear. Can you use pop-ups instead of links and redirects? How many links can you eliminate altogether? Don’t make customers flip back and forth between pages unnecessarily or they might get bored and go elsewhere.
  2. Build Buyer Confidence
    Visually appealing, professionally-designed pages improve communication and build confidence in shoppers. Professional writers know how to get your message across quickly and clearly, and they don’t make confidence-robbing spelling and grammatical mistakes. Add a few credibility indicators like testimonials, reviews, awards, stats to your website. Keep them honest and keep them current.
  3. Make it Easy to Shop
    The more channels and products you have the more important this is. Make sure your search filters are easy to understand and produce relevant and actionable results. 500 returns on a query aren’t a search, they’re a catalog. And it’s annoying enough to chase buyers away. Keep the choices on your product pages clear and easy to make.
  4. Make It Easy to Buy From You
    Keep your “conversion funnel” short. That’s the pathway your customers follow to complete a sale. An ideal path would be Home Page > Search Results Page > Product Page > Checkout. The more steps you have, the longer the path and the easier it is for your shopper to get lost or just tired of looking.
  5. Make Your Intentions Clear
    What do you want your visitor to do? Buy? Set up an account? Keep reading? Sign up for your newsletter? Make their choices clear and easy to make. “Buy it Now” is a lot easier to understand than “Proceed to Checkout.”
  6. Leverage Your Marketing Channels
    If you don’t have a mobile site by now, you’re missing out on a lot of business. People don’t always have time to buy on a mobile site, or may be concerned about security on public Wi-Fi networks, but they do use them to shop. Give them a chance to bookmark their finds so they can remember them when they get to their desktop. And make sure your desktop site has an easy way to send your mobile site or app to their device.

Optimizing your conversion rates online isn’t that different from closing a sale on a showroom floor. Customers buy with their emotions, even if the purchase is logically motivated, so keep them excited and don’t dampen their enthusiasm by making buying from you a chore.

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