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Will Google be the Next Amazon?

Here at the Unleaded Group, we’re constantly watching the latest trends in e-commerce in order to keep our clients at the leading edge of online marketing. One thing that caught our eye late last year is Google’s rumored attempt to step up its presence in online shopping.

Amazon is without doubt the 500-pound gorilla in the world of e-commerce, but as Google dips deeper into the pool, it brings the power of its search dominance into play.

An article in The Wall Street Journal says that Google is actively seeking to snag a piece of Amazon’s action. Changes to the Google Shopping portal would simplify the process for buying things when they’re found on the search engine. While shoppers are currently redirected to a retailer’s web site and may be required to register and enter payment information to complete a transaction there, Google is proposing a “buy” button for the Google Shopping site that would function much like the “one-click ordering” offered by Amazon. Google would keep the shopper’s information on file (like Amazon) and eliminate the need for reentering data on the retail site. Unlike Amazon, though, fulfillment would be handled strictly by the retailer.

Google’s aim, of course, is to keep shoppers searching on their site instead of switching to Amazon or another competitive search engine.

Since Google doesn’t stock or handle the products, they don’t get the benefit of a markup, so the service will come with a price in the form of a percentage fee on the sale, something some retailers might balk at. Another disincentive to the retailer is that by staying on Google, the shopper doesn’t come to their site, reducing the possibility of add-on purchases.

The Journal article also says that Google may be looking at a premium, paid membership as a way to compete with Amazon’s Prime service. The service is being tested in a limited roll-out under the name Google Express on the east and west coasts in partnership with retailers like Costco, Staples, PetSmart, and Sports Authority. It has also been testing deliveries of some fresh food in the San Francisco area.

For us mortals on the sideline, we will keep an eye on the battle between these online behemoths so that we can leverage the benefits of the fallout for our e-commerce clients. It’s what Unleaded Group has been doing all along, using its insights to build sites that perform and has made us one of the premier e-commerce designers, developers, and hosting services in the world.

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