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Why Mapping Your Magento Attributes to the Google Shopping Marketplace Specs Makes Sense

Trust me, this is going to make perfect sense when you finish reading this blog post.

For first-time ecommerce retailers there is nothing more intimidating then the setup of the attribute set for your products.  If you are selling books, clothes, TVs, tools or auto parts every ecommerce manager must drudge through the thankless job of attribute setup.

What is an attribute you ask?

The short answer: Attributes give your products dimensions.  If you sell boots, your attributes give those boots color and size.  If you sell skis, your attributes give those skis weight and length. If you sell crystal balls, your attributes give it the power to see the past and future...

One thing is true: How you map your attributes today will impact how your manage your website in the future.

My advice: Make your Magento attributes mirror the Google Shopping Marketplace requirements. (Bookmark that link)

The Google Marketplace is fast becoming the largest sales channel for retailers across the country.  Mapping your Magento attributes to Google’s requirements makes entry to the marketplace a lot easier, especially in the apparel categories.

The value in getting your attributes correct on the first pass allows for ease in creating a data feed for the submission into the Google Shopping Marketplace.

If you do your due diligence and get it right the first time, Google will not reject or suspend your data feed due to missing information.

Consulting a Magento expert is the first step in getting this part of your project done.  Call Unleaded Group today for an attribute review and see how we’ve helped others overcome these problems. 

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