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Ways to Improve the Digital Gift Giving Experience

As the holiday season approaches, and we vie for who, what and where for gift giving, we are seeing a new trend in the digital gift card offerings. While your company is setting itself up for the holidays and offering new product solutions to deepen the shopping experience, and we have the latest in digital gift giving that takes this experience to a whole new level. 

  1. Personalization

    These days, it’s no surprise that online shoppers are looking for better, more personalized solutions for their digital shopping needs. A business’s ability to provide personalized digital gifts is a must. How the gifts are marketed and delivered play vital roles in upping the personalization factor.

    One great way to make your digital gifts feel more personal to the shopper is to craft a personal message around it. Thisbuilds deeper meaning.For example, make sure there is space on the packaging or gift note for the sender to add their own message, or consider adding small trinkets, such as charms, bracelets, necklaces and even personalized paper products (think note cards, stationary, etc.) take the digital gift to a deeper level.

  2. E-Gifts

    Moving beyond the personalized digital gift is the e-gift. One example of an e-gift would be an emailed gift receipt to the recipient, who can then either confirm or exchange the gift before it is shipped. This offers the recipient the ability to save time and get exactly what they want, instead of spending a full afternoon of returning the gift in-store, or taking weeks to mail it back. This is convenience and thoughtfulness combined!

  3. Bundled Products

    In today’s world, the ability to offer bundled products takes holiday gift giving (and digital gifting in general) to the next level. Integrating online catalogs and offering giftpairingscreates bundled options for the shopper who may not otherwise be inclined to spend the time looking further for the perfect gift complement.

As Denver’s top e-commerce agency, these are just some of the next-level solutions Unleaded Group can design into your website’s platform, elevating your customers’ experience to the next level and creating a deeper loyalty base. If you are not seeing these possibilities with your current provider or want to know more, give us a call at 720-221-7126 to schedule an appointment with one of our e-commerce consultants.

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