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How Shopify and Uber are changing the world – and how we can help you be a part of it

Leading the way in online and in-store integration, Shopify has changed how stores view their eCommerce websites. With how easy the platform is to work with combined with the fact that Shopify handles all the technical work for you, it has quickly become a leader in the industry. Now they have started another new wave of development – teaming with Uber to deliver your products to your clients same day.

What this would mean for you – this has the potential to dramatically increase sales for retailers. When you are shopping online, would you be more inclined to impulse purchase something if you could have it that same day?? Of course you would. Amazon changed the world with their Prime-2 day Shipping-and we can never go back to the conventional way of having our purchases be delivered to us. This would cut that time in half, by delivering your products to your local clients almost immediately. An additional benefit of this new feature is that your customers would be able to real-time track their purchases. Much like you can track your Uber car, you’ll be able to follow your recent purchase until it arrives at your door.

Unleaded Group, Inc. builds eCommerce Shopify sites for our clients—clients that have seen great success and spikes in their sales. Now with this added Uber feature, we expect to see record numbers of our customers on other eCommerce platforms choosing to switch to a Shopify site. At Unleaded Group we can custom build a site to fit your current and future needs.

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