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Craft - Unleaded’s New, Intuitive Content Management System

As part of our commitment to leading the field in e-commerce solutions, the Unleaded Group is always expanding its offerings. It’s what made us a pioneering user of Magento™ and ExpressionEngine® content management systems (CMS) to develop industry-leading websites for our customers.

Unleaded has identified Craft as a solid platform for entry level development. A sleek and versatile new content management system, Craft projects are Content Managed Sites with highly customizable, simple and intuitive customer interfaces. Craft keeps content fresher, promoting better search engine performance and user experience.

Craft is an elegantly constructed CMS platform that balances power, simplicity and flexibility, allowing our developers to exercise total control over the design process without most of the restrictions built into other CMS platforms. We can customize sites in a sleek, modern codebase with well-supported technology and versatile plug-ins quickly and efficiently, making Craft-based sites faster to design and less expensive to build.

Another area Craft-built sites excel in is customer website management. Its customer interfaces are intuitive and easy to manage, assuring that sites are up-to-date with the latest products and promotions.

While no single platform is perfect for all applications, the Unleaded Group is excited to add Craft as an important tool for use in developing e-commerce sites tailored to our customers’ individual needs.

Why wait to take the lead in mobile e-commerce? The Unleaded Group is a global leader in high-performance e-commerce web development. Visit our newly-designed website for a look at Craft and the many other ways we can fuel your business growth.

We’re happy to send you a free quote for designing a site that does the job you need. Or call us toll-free today at 855.865.3233 to learn how we can add horsepower to your online business and simplify life in the process.

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