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Better Web Design – A Starter Checklist

If you are a small business owner with the desire to create your own website to represent your products and services on the Internet, then there are some things you should know before you get started. Here, we have assembled a short checklist that will help you keep your project organized, identify critical pieces that need to be included in your website and launch your digital presence with confidence.

  1. Minimal Design Philosophy

    As a general rule, those who surf the Internet for products or services are somewhat impatient. Not only has the advent of the World Wide Web and e-commerce created a virtual immediate gratification, it has also raised the bar for companies.

    These days, not only do you have to offer a superior product at a competitive price, you must also quickly engage with your relevant audience and make sure they quickly find what they are looking for on your website. Therefore, keep the clutter to a minimum, show them what they want to find and how to purchase it in the easiest, most intuitive way possible.

    This translates into:

    • Using whitespace on your pages effectively
    • Making font choices for easy-to-read content
    • Going for high-quality video instead of text as often as possible
  2. Utilizing Open Space Effectively

    Going a step further with the minimalistic design theme, make sure you drive traffic through your site with meaningful and relevant content, vivid images and video. Create a flow directly to your products and services without extraneous information and clutter.

  3. Images – The Bigger, the Better

    Let’s talk Hero Images. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and on the Internet, it has to happen quickly. The large, high-resolution images that take the width of the home page and speak to your audience are a must-have. You must also make sure to choose images that are responsive, as many surfers today are using mobile devices and the right responsive image can wet their appetite for more.

  4. The Call To Action

    So you’ve gotten visitors to your website and they’re interested in what you offer. Great! But, you must now make sure that your Call to Action (CTA) is prominent, available (easy to see on the page), and encouraging for them to take the next step. If your CTA doesn’t live up to these standards, the conversion from relevant audience to customer is lost.

  5. The Footer

    Ok, so you’ve got the flow of content down, your high-res images and video are in place, and your CTA is screaming for attention the way it should. How and where do you provide more information about your company and your website without ruining all of this? That’s easy! The footer is a great place for informational links about your company (your privacy policy, terms and conditions, shipping information, etc.), an HTML sitemap, social media icons/links, and other items your audience may be interested in.

Unleaded Group is continually working to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to website design and customer engagement. If you are setting out on your own with your website design, we hope these tips have been helpful. Or, if you are looking to engage with a recognized leader in e-commerce website design and support, call us today at 720-221-7126 to find out how we can drive more of your relevant audience to your place on the web.

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