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Android Prioritized Over iOS by Developers?

As of 2016, the Android OS has been prioritized over iOS by a slim margin, but prioritized nonetheless. In fact, 47% of developers consider Android to be the most important, compared to the 31% favoring iOS. This is a significant flip and a huge turning point – many feel the margin is simply too wide for Apple to retake. How did this happen?

iOS Platform Complexity

One of the main reasons for the turn is the growing complexity of the iOS platform. As you probably know, iOS is a fully integrated OS, unlike the fragmented Android OS that offers more robust APIs. As the Android OS matures, it has become easier for developers to work with and design for it, specifically in UI scaling.

Android’s “Material Design” App Format

Another thing spurring this change is Android’s app design itself. While it’s true that while Android and Apple have both embraced a minimalist design, Android has become a proponent of “Material Design.” This includes extensive yet detailed guidelines (provided by Google), rather than the relaxed design criteria for Apple.

Employing material design means an identified set of rules makes it easier for developers to follow (andif there’s one thing we know developers appreciate, it’s exact guidelines). By following these structured rules, developers have a defined path and direction for the app development cycle, which leads to better time management and flow.

The Future for Apple App Development

While we don’t see Apple app developmentbecoming a thing of the past, it’s interesting to note that while it was once the defining protocol, it’snow being replaced as the de-facto direction.

This is a warning for Apple to revisit its iOS design philosophy and developer guidelines. Though it will be difficult for Apple to surge ahead again as the leading solution for app environments, it’s necessary if Android continues along its current path.

App Development for Your Business

It’s no secret that app development for e-commerce sites is becoming a “must-have” over a “nice-to-have” philosophy. Now, developers are gearing more towards Android, as the shopping and holistic customer experience include shopping apps.

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