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Donovan Arborists

In order to meet an impending seasonal deadline, the customer opted for a template responsive EE site with one caveat: the customer would provide the design files.

About The Client

Rarely do client-provided design files work so seamlessly. It’s why a customer-designed website usually costs more than an Unleaded-designed site. But in this case, the customer turned around responsive design files (that requires three different sets of designs of different sizes for each page of the site) in record time. The client also provided his own editorial. That too was seamless. The site was developed and launched in under three weeks. If Donovan Arborists team was looking for work indoors, we’d probably hire them! Kudos to the client.

Key Features

  • ExpressionEngine
  • Responsive
  • Custom design provided by Client
  • Editorial content provided by Client

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