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RJMetrics Acquired By Magento

If you have a website built on Magento, you already know that you have a website built on a leading e-commerce platform. As of August 1, 2016, Magento announced that the Magento platform just got better as they acquired the RJMetrics Company.

How does this affect you and your e-commerce website? That’s easy! It just got exponentially easier to collect data and analytics for even better performance.

By making RJMetrics a powerful in-platform analytics solution, Magento raises the bar in e-commerce platforms and their performance. This new solution will be branded as Magento Analytics, and will allow non-technical business owners and users the ability to configure, integrate, and understand the big data information directly, without the need for formal IT support.

Key Features of the RJMetrics Analytics Platform

Advanced Customer Insights

Marketing Campaign ROI

Improved Personalization

Better Shopping Experience

Cross-Boarder Analytics

Intelligent Sourcing

Built for Business Owners

While the majority of business owners use less than 29% of the analytics data they are given, the integration of this robust analytics suite into the Magento platform will allow you better, more insightful data to make better decisions.

As a world leader in e-commerce solutions, Magento has taken this step to support customers and provide a higher lever of service, translating into a better, more informed competitor.

Unleaded Group has been working with Magento exclusively as an e-commerce platform for many years. With the addition of the Analytics suite, we ensure that our clients receive not only the best-of-class e-commerce platform, but the well-rounded solution to take them to the next level in the competitive marketplace. To find out more, call us at 720-221-7126 to see how you can become more competitive in your market.

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