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Some things do stay the same. Take for instance Zack Urlocker’s report in 2012 published in identifying the best and worst market sectors by customer satisfaction.

The industries delivering the best in service, per the COO of Zendesk, were:

On the flip side, Urlocker identified the three industries with the worst record of satisfaction:

At Unleaded Software we know a little something about unhappy customers. Why would we admit that? Because we’ve been in this business since 1996 and if we didn’t confess that we’ve had bad things happen, we’d look foolish. Statistically it is impossible for all customers of any business in any industry to come away from the experience 100% satisfied.

Over time (and we’ve been in this biz for an incredible long time by comparison to all other web shops on Colorado’s Front Range), we’ve learned that we are not the right fit for all people who want and need a website. We have also learned that good communication is the thing that will change a customer’s experience, leaving them more satisfied than not.

To that end, we’ve rewritten the culture at Unleaded Software Inc. to emphasize the customer relationship as the priority we work on. Second to the relationship, we focus on the website build or SEO or whatever the project is. Customers want to be heard. And the web development firm that captures their business and retains their business will be one that sincerely and genuinely listens to the client.

As part of this improvement to our culture, we work with fewer clients so that we can provide the bandwidth of attention a website client needs and deserves.

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